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This page explains how and when to contact the Apple Sales Training staff. Please follow the instructions provided in each section so you can receive a timely response.

Apple Sales Training Online Program
If you have questions about the program, including inquiries about points and events, send an email to:

Apple Sales Training Online System and Courses
If you have questions about this system or courses, including inquiries about problems such as broken links, missing graphics, quiz scoring, or course information, send an email to:

Apple Sales Training Registration
If you have questions about registration, including inquiries about passwords, IDs, or adding or removing members, send an email to:


Change in Employer, Work Location, or Email Address
If you change your employer, complete a new registration form by going to and clicking “Set up an account”. Complete all required fields. In the Additional Information box please include the following text:

Please transfer my existing points to my new account.
My former employer was _________________.

If you change locations within the same company, send an email to Include the following information:

  • First and last name

  • Old address

  • New address

  • Reseller Apple ID for the new location (resellers only)

If your new employer does not qualify you to participate in the Apple Sales Training Online program, your participation in the program is suspended until you are once again employed by a company that qualifies you to participate.

Apple Employees: To change your shipping address

  1. Go to and log in. Click My Info.

  2. Click the Address tab.

  3. If you have a shipping address, click the pencil to update.

  4. If you do not have a shipping address, click the New button to add a shipping address.

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